Image of Mr. bunny, my pet house rabbit.

About Me

Hello, Welcome to my website, Rabbit Rules.

I decided to create this website for several different reasons. The first being that I love rabbits and believe that they make great house pets for the right person. Many people have false expectations of owning a rabbit and end up not being happy with their new pet. This is particularly unfortunate for the pet rabbit since most of them will be abandoned at a shelter or worse, released outside. I want to be able to present real information about the reality of owning a rabbit to try and prevent unhappy owners and equally unhappy rabbits.

The second reason is that I have had house rabbits for many years, over 20 years at this point. I have seen more and more incorrect information posted online, even on “rabbit websites” within the past couple of years. This is not fair to our furry friends and I hope that I can help people create a stronger relationship with their pet rabbit by providing real information that works.

I am not a veterinarian and you should not take my advice in the place of veterinarians. I only offer what I have learned through the experience of have many rabbits over a lifetime.

If you need information, have questions, or see something wrong on this site please let me know ASAP by using the contact page. I welcome all comments and criticisms.

Thank you so much for stopping by and remember… Rabbit Rules!


P.S  The image you see is my current pet house rabbit, Mr. Bunny.