Image of a rabbit running and the caption reads "Best rabbit harness."

Having the best rabbit harness is critical for your rabbit’s safety. Never attempt to use a any other type of “leash” or anything that goes around your rabbits’ neck. When walking your rabbit on a harness also make sure to let them lead, do not force, or tug on your rabbits’ harness.

The Best Rabbit Harness

A couple years ago I lost my favorite rabbit harness, I can’t even remember where I bought it at. So I went on amazon and ordered three different harnesses. Only one of them had a wide enough chest strap that made me feel like my rabbit would be safe from injury if he decided to take off and run. One other thing I like about this harness is that it comes in four different sizes.

Here is a picture.

Image of a rabbit wearing the best rabbit harness. The image points out the details of the harness.


Nite Angel, the maker of this harness on amazon has a wide variety of colors. What I suggest you do is you have multiple rabbits of different sizes that you get the one color medium, one color for large, ect.

The different colors they offer currently are as follows.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal Blue

I ended up choosing blue which is actually a bit lighter in color than I thought it would be.


The harness comes in four different sizes. I will amidst the sizing was a little bit of a challenge for me but. You should not have a problem with sizing your rabbit though with this information.

  • Small – Rabbits under 4 pounds.
  • Medium – This is the size my current house rabbit, Mr. Bunny wears, he is a small dutch just over four pounds. This size should fit a 4 to 7 pound rabbit, 7 might be pushing it though.
  • Large – This should fit a rabbit between 7 and 9 pounds.
  • Extra Large – This size is for really big rabbits, like 10 pounds or more. I can’t see it fitting anything other than a flemish giant.
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The Leash

The leash portion is long enough for your rabbit have space but not so long that you have no control. The leash potion of the rabbit harness is made from elastic that is very stretchy. This is very important for your rabbits safety. If they decide to run it will help slow them down rather than being jerked to a stop suddenly. Rabbits have very delicate backs that can shatter easily killing them!

The leash measures a bit over three feet when not “expanded or stretched out” and will stretch out to about seven feet or so. The handle is a simple loop that you can slip over your hand and wear around your wrist.

The design – Velcro & Buckle

The design of this rabbit harness is safe, comfortable and easy to use. The flaps that go around your rabbits tummy and neck are very wide and velcro together. In addition to the velcro on the neck flap there is an additional buckle that cannot come undone. This prevents the harness from ever accidently coming apart.

The stitching is of good quality. I haven’t seen any loose threads hanging off, no loose stitches or anything like that.

Image of the best rabbit harness showing each part including the velcro, buckle, leash swivel and the strong stitching.
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This harness offers padded flaps and is made from a strong material. All of the edges are rounded and are designed to prevent any type of chafing or rubbing. Do not be afraid to make the harness snug on your rabbit. If the harness is to loose to will rub on your rabbit causing discomfort. Another issue with a loose fit is that that your rabbit can “slip the harness”, meaning get out of it. Keep in mind that rabbits fur is very lofty and you will need to fit the harness to their body and not all the fluff.

Flexible Material

The harness is ridged enough to keep its shape while being soft enough to still be able to conform to the shape of your rabbits body.