Image of rabbits and a rabbit drinking from a water bottle. The caption above the rabbits reads "best water bottle for rabbits."

There are several great options that can be considered the best rabbit water bottle including the following:

  1. Vannon – 25 oz Leak Proof Water Bottle
  2. Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle, 64oz
  3. Choco Nose H125 – 11 oz Leak Proof  Water Bottle
  4. Lixit – 32oz Bright Color Water Bottle for Rabbits
  5. Lixit – Bunny Chew Proof Flat Back Glass Bottle

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Best Rabbit Water bottles

Having the best water bottle for your rabbit is critical for hydration, hygiene and for your rabbit’s long-term health. Below the list of water bottles you will find a copious amount of helpful information and tips about rabbits from a 20-year veteran.

I have had house rabbits most of my life and enjoy sharing my experiences and advice when it comes to bunnies.

Image of the best rabbit water bottle,. It shows how it can be filled up while attached from the cage. It is top filling.
Image of the Vannon – 25 oz Leak Proof Water bottle for rabbits.

The top filling design is great but there are numerous other features that make this no drip water bottle over the top. Here is what I love and don’t love about this bottle.

  • Positioning – You can position the is rabbit water bottle inside or outside of any type of cage. Many bottles can only be mounted to the outside of your rabbit’s cage.
  • Sizes – They make two sizes, a 25 oz and a 30 oz water bottle.
  • Safety – The plastic parts are BPA free and the nozzle is food grade stainless steel. The size of the nozzle is 10 mm which is the standard for rabbits. There are no moving parts or anything that can harm your bun.
  • Hygiene – Having a water bottle for your bunny is a much safer, and cleaner than a water bowl.
  • Leak Protection – Double food grade stainless steel balls with silicone seal on lower spout connection.
  • Easy Attachment – Attaching it to your rabbit’s cage is easy and will not move after instillation.
  • Guarantee – Vannon, the maker of this bunny water bottle offers a money back guarantee.
  • Filling  – You can either open the top of the bottle to fill it or take it off of the mounting bracket, fill it up at your sink and then snap it back into the bracket on the cage. It is nice to be able to remove the entire bottle for cleaning.
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2) Lixit All-Weather Rabbit Water Bottle, 64 oz

Although this is a “standard” type of rabbit water bottle it is a good one. I now use the water bottle I listed as number one but used this one previously. I like to keep an extra water bottle around just in case something happens to my main bottle. I do not like using bowls at all for several reasons including hygiene.

Image of lixit rabbit water bottle.
Image of Lixit bottle attached to rabbit cage.

What sets this bottle apart from most is the fact that is that it does not leak, that is my experience anyway. Amazon reviews are mixed, some people think it the best bottle on earth while others say it is terrible and leaks. I believe most of the bad reviews are from user error. It is important to fill the bottle all the way up and snugly attach the drinking spout.

Here is what I love about this rabbit water bottle.

  • Capacity – This bottle holds a whopping 64 oz, if you do not know this is a lot compared to most bunny water bottles. Since it holds so much water it is great for when you are going to be away on vacation or whatever.
  • Leak Proof – I do not have any issues with leaking, but to be honest I have never had any issues with my bottles leaking. I think it is key to fill the bottle all the way to the top. It will drip a bit at first like all bottles but should then stop.
  • Safety – The plastic is BPA free and the spout or nozzle is stainless steel.
  • Easy to fill – After you remove the nozzle you will have a wide opening to fill the bottle.
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3) Choco Nose H125 – 11 oz Leak Proof  Water Bottle

This is a good water bottle for small breeds of rabbits. I do not recommend it for larger breeds of rabbits since it only holds about 11 oz which is not very much.

Image of the Choco Nose H125 – 11 oz Leak Proof rabbit Water Bottle.

The bottle easily attaches to any standard rabbit cage. After the bottle is mounted the mount stays on the cage and the bottle can easily be snapped on and off from the mount. The larger screw on bracket/mount is easy to put on due to the large thumb screw.

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