Image of rabbits and a celery stalk. The caption reads "can rabbits eat celery."

Yes, rabbits can most definitely eat celery. Celery is non-toxic to rabbits and contains a lot of beneficial vitamins and nutrients for rabbits. You can include celery in your rabbits’ daily diet if you so choose to.

Can rabbits eat celery?

Yes, rabbits can eat celery. Celery is a great snack option for your bun! Celery is something that can be included in your rabbits’ daily diet if you like. Celery will have no adverse effect on your rabbit. Celery is a great source of vitamins and minerals such as

  • Vitamin K- Helps with bone metabolism.
  • Vitamin C- Not important since rabbits cannot absorb vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A- important for vision and the immune system.
  • Folate (Also known as Folic Acid)- helps the body produce and maintain new cells.

There are not many nutritional down sides to your rabbit consuming celery. The biggest thing to be aware of is the long stringy texture of celery which makes it easy for your rabbit to choke on. The strings can also easily get stuck in your rabbit’s teeth and if not removed can cause an infection or an abscessed gum.

For these reasons you want to be sure to cut the celery up for your rabbit. You should cut the celery into slices no bigger than about an inch. The pieces being this small should prevent your rabbit from choking or from getting anything stuck in their teeth.

It is also important to make sure you wash the celery thoroughly before giving it to your rabbit.

How much celery can my rabbit have?

Your rabbit should have no more than about half of one stock of celery per day. This is only because, although celery has no real downside for your bun, it does have a pretty high water content so if they are given too much it could cause loose stool (diarrhea) which would prevent them from being able to eat their own poop. Eating their own poop is important for their digestive health.

In addition, the more celery your rabbit is eating the less hay your rabbit is eating and your rabbit should be eating a lot of hay. Hay is so so important to your rabbits’ diet so you don’t want to do anything to deter them from eating as much of it as possible because did I mention hay is a very, very…. did I say very? VERY important part of their diet. It is important not to exceed this celery recommendation for this reason.

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Can all rabbits have celery?

The guidelines given above is specific to adult rabbits, you should not be giving celery to baby or young rabbits, you should wait until your rabbit is at least a year old before introducing new fruits and vegetables such as celery, young rabbits can definitely have veggies but we recommend waiting a bit longer for celery, it can be a bit harder to chew for such a small bun.

Do rabbits like celery?

Yes, rabbits do like celery, they like the stock and the leaves and they can have both. They tend to enjoy the crunchiness of the celery and the moisture of its high water content. That is another reason it is important to cut it up and portion it out, they can saw right through an entire stock of celery in no time if you do not keep an eye on them!

All buns are different so it is possible that yours may not love it and I would not worry about that too much. There are a lot of veggies that are safe for your rabbit to munch on so no worries if they are not interested in eating celery.

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