Image of rabbits and two corn cobs. The caption reads "can rabbits eat cor cobs."

Yes, rabbits can eat corn cobs in moderation since they are mostly cellulose and promote good oral health. It is important that all the corn is removed from the cob before you give it to your rabbit since rabbits should not eat corn. Rabbits cannot digest corn well and may cause health issues if to much is consumed.

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Can rabbits eat corn cobs?

As stated above the actual cob is safe for rabbits but not the actual corn. Our pet rabbit, Mr. Bunny, loves to play with the corn cobs and chew on them from time to time. Rabbits teeth never stop growing and it is important that they have things to chew on, like corn cobs.

Why rabbits should not eat corn

The reason why you should not feed a rabbit corn is because they have a very hard time digesting it and it is not healthy for them. Any food that is high in carbohydrates and/or sugar can cause rabbits digestive tract problems and long term health issues.

The worst case scenario is something called GI Stasis. This is when their digestive tract slows down and stops moving food through it. This is extremely painful for the rabbit and can cause death within 24 hours. If you suspect GI Stasis you need to get your rabbit to veterinarian that specializes in treating rabbits.

If your rabbit does not poop within a 12 hour period he or she most likely has GI Stasis.

Rabbit Nutrition

Rabbits should be eating Timothy hay, timothy based pellets, leafy greens and small amounts of fruit. Corn, breads, wheat products and high sugar foods should never be fed to rabbits.

You can find tons of information regarding the proper diet for pet rabbits.

Why corn cobs are safe for rabbits

Rabbits are herbivores that live off the energy that is stored in grass and plants. A large portion of plants and grass is made of something called cellulose. Rabbits can digest and get energy from cellulose unlike humans. Corn cobs are almost all cellulose and therefore are safe for rabbits to eat and play with.

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