Image of a rabbit exercising and sweating with a heart rate symbol. The caption reads "Rabbit exercise info."

Rabbits need exercise like any other pet. You should not cage your rabbit all the time, it is import that they have a large exercise area where they can run, jump, and play. Another option is to litter train your rabbit and allow them to freely roam within your house.

Rabbit Exercise Information

Having owned pet rabbits for over twenty years I like to think I know a bit about our furry friends. I cringe when I see someone that keeps their bun locked up in a cage 24/7 no matter how big it is. It is very important that rabbits have a lot of time to run, jump and be a rabbit.

How Much Exercise do Rabbits Need

The simple answer to this is, as much as they want! The ideal scenario would be that your rabbit can “free roam” (never be locked in their cage) that way they can get exercise whenever they like. We know for some individuals this scenario is not possible due to kids, other pets, current living situation etc…

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Walking Your Rabbit

Yes, Rabbits can walk on a leash. You must use a leash specifically designed for rabbits, often called a rabbit harness. Make sure to never pull or yank on your rabbits leash or you could cause injury to your rabbit. Allow your rabbit to guide him or her self while on a leash, don’t force or lead a direction.

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Can Rabbits Use an Exercise Wheel?

Rabbits cannot use an exercise wheel. If your rabbit is allowed to use an exercise wheel, they can severely injure themselves. Rabbits should have other exercise options available to them other than wheels.

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