Image of rabbits, litter and bedding. the caption reads "rabbit bedding and litter."

Having the proper litter and bedding is critical to your rabbits health. Rabbits poop and pee a lot and it is important to keep that smelly stuff, particularly the urine away from your rabbit. A high quality, rabbit safe litter is key to maintaining your rabbits health.

Rabbit Bedding & Litter Information

The Best Rabbit Litter

There are many different types of litters for rabbits, some are great and some are not so great. The most important factor when choosing a litter is safety. The most dangerous types of rabbit litter…

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Best Bedding for Rabbits

Choosing the best bedding for your rabbit will depend on what type of rabbit you have, his or her personality and if your rabbit is caged or is a house rabbit/free roaming. This may sound crazy but if you have a rabbit that digs a lot you…

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Best Rabbit Litter Box

There are so many litter pans, litter boxes and different set ups for rabbits. The determining factor in which type of litter box setup is best for your rabbit depends on whether you have a house rabbit, caged rabbit or a hybrid of the…

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Odor Control Bedding

If you have multiple rabbits or are having issues with odor control then this bedding may work for you…

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