Image of rabbiuts and one is thinking about his behavior. The caption reads "Rabbit behavior information."

Rabbits have unique behaviors such as chin rubbing, binkies, bunny 500’s and nose bonks. Some rabbits may bite, growl, or grind their teeth. Ear position also indicates the type of mood a rabbit is in.

Rabbit Behavior Information

Problem Behavior

Image of a rabbit with problem behavior.

Having an issue with your rabbit that is harmful or destructive? Learn how to solve common problems including biting, pooping, urine, carpet, chewing and more problems like these

Why Does My Rabbit Do That?

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Learn about all of your rabbits unique behavior here so you understand what they are trying to tell you!

Training Help and Tips

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Would you like to learn how to litter train your rabbit? Maybe it is some other type of training that you would like to try with your rabbit. Regardless you will find all types of training information here.

Rabbits and Sleep

Image of a tired rabbit that wants to sleep.

Information about sleep patterns and anything else sleep related. Ever wonder if your rabbit dreams? What they dream of? Why your rabbit twitches in his or her sleep? Much more!

Health and Wellness

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Rabbits may be a small pet but they do require a great amount of care to maintain their health and wellness. Diet, exercise, water and healthcare are all very important to maintaining your rabbits health and increasing how long they live.

Rabbit Diet Information

Image of a rabbit and food. The caption reads "Hungry rabbit."

Rabbits must have diet rich in fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. Hay should make up about 80% of your rabbit’s diet followed by leafy vegetables, timothy hay-based pellets and then a small amount of fruit as a treat. Learn about the best diet and types of foods your rabbit should be eating.

Rabbit Products I Love

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Find products that I have used for years that will make you and your bunny happier!