Image of a rabbit and all the food groups that should or shouldnt be in a rabbits diet. The caption reads "Rabbit Diet Information."

Rabbits must have diet rich in fiber to maintain a healthy digestive system. Hay should make up about 80% of your rabbit’s diet followed by leafy vegetables, timothy hay-based pellets and then a small amount of fruit as a treat. Timothy hay is the best option, but Orchard grass and others are also acceptable.

Rabbit Diet Information

Below you find all of the information about a rabbits diet that is important to maintaining your rabbits health, wellness and happiness. Please take note that I am not a veterinarian and this information is based from my own research and 20 plus years owning and caring for pet rabbits. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact me or leave a comment on the page.

The Best Diet for Rabbits

In this article you will find  in depth and up to date information regarding the best diet for your pet rabbit. There are so many terrible recommendations and products out their it can be very hard to know what and how much of something to feed to your pet rabbit. Proper diet is critical to having a happy and healthy rabbit please read this information thoroughly!

Rabbit Diet Specifics

Below you will find specific information about what your rabbit should and shouldn’t be eating. Each category will take you to a page with numerous articles about that specific subject.


Image of a rabbit in jail with hay bales. The caption reads"he's out on bale."

Information about hay, different types of hay and everything else hay related. Hay, hay, hay.. Merry haymas!


Image of rabbits and rabbit pellets

Everything you need to know about pellets. From the best type, to which kind and how much to feed your rabbit. Eat a pellet make a pellet!


Image of Rabbit Vegetables with the caption "Lettuce talk about vegetable."

So many choices, so much confusion. Learn what vegetables your rabbit should be eating and which ones that they shouldn’t.


Image of fruit for rabbits, tomatoes. The caption reads "What fruit can't rabbits catch? Tomatoes , because they can't ketchup.

Fruit is a sometimes food for rabbits. There are a million choices, some better than others. Learn what fruits rabbits can and can’t eat.

Rabbit Treats

Image of a rabbit and a tall person giving a rabbit a treat. The rabbits caption box states "Oh... The giant rabbit has treats."

There are a million types of rabbit treats, only a few are okay for your rabbit to eat. Learn and see my recommendations.

Toxic Foods

Image of toxic stuff to rabbits and a rabbit laying on his back.

Their are a number of toxic plants, vegetables and substances that can harm your rabbit. Some are common while others are rare, learn here.