Image of rabbits with the caption "Rabbit pellet information."

Rabbit pellets are an important part of your pet rabbits diet. It is important to feed your rabbit a quality Timothy Hay based pellet and not pellets that have corn, wheat, nuts or seeds added to them. Pellets should make up about 10% of your rabbits overall diet.

Rabbit Pellet Information

I have owned pet rabbits for over 20 years (pre-internet) and have tried numerous brands of pellets. You would be shocked at the number of bad pellets that are for sale online and in pet stores.

Below you will find all of the articles I have ever written about rabbit pellets.

Best Rabbit Pellets

The Best Rabbit Pellets are Oxbow Bunny Basics Adult Rabbit pellets, hands down. These pellets are consistent in nutrition, have a hard texture which is good for dental health and are Timothy hay based to provide plenty of fiber for adult rabbits. I only feed my buns these quality pellets.

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Best Baby Rabbit Pellets

The best baby rabbit pellets must be Alfalfa based which provides plenty of calcium for bone growth and protein for muscle development. Alfalfa pellets being the best choice to feed young rabbits must never be fed to adult rabbits or rabbits over 5 months of age.

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How Much Pellets to Feed

Adult rabbits should be fed 1/8 to 1/4 cup of Timothy based pellets per 5 pounds of body weight. Some pet rabbit owners do not feed any pellets and supplement with additional leafy greens and vegetables. Hay should be offered in unlimited quantities in addition to pellets and vegetables.

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How to Store Rabbit Pellets

Rabbit pellets should be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry environment. Pellets should not be stored  for longer than six months from the time of purchase in order to maintain nutritional value. You should only feed adult rabbits high quality pellets that are timothy based.

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Timothy Hay Pellets for Rabbits

Adult rabbits should be eating quality Timothy hay pellets as part of their daily diet. Timothy hay-based pellets contain high amounts of fiber that rabbits need to aid in digestion. Feed timothy pellets at a rate of 1/8 to 1/4 Cup per 5 pounds of body-weight. Never feed pellets that have corn, nuts or seeds in them.

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Alfalfa Pellets for Rabbits

Alfalfa pellets for rabbits should only be fed to young and baby rabbits under 5 months of age. Alfalfa pellets have additional protein and calcium in them to help baby rabbits grow. Adult rabbits cannot eat alfalfa pellets because of the risk of obesity, bladder sludge and kidney damage.

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