Image of a rabbit with bad behavior. The caption reads

Some rabbits have problem behaviors that include, biting, nipping, spraying urine, pooping away from their litter box and other problems. Most problem behaviors can be corrected if approached properly. Never discipline a rabbit with force, it will not work and is cruel.

Rabbit Problem Behavior

Having owned pet rabbits for over twenty years I like to think I know a bit about our furry friends. I cringe when I hear that someone has tried to correct a problem behavior the wrong way or by using force.

Problem Behavior Articles & Information

How to stop rabbits from chewing carpet

Rabbits love to dig, but you do not want them to dig up your carpet. Some rabbits are really good about not digging up carpet while others not so much. If you are tired of finding a pile of carpet fibers in your house then read…

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Do rabbits bite? The why and how to stop them!

Some rabbits do bite, but the majority of rabbits will not bite someone unless they forced to out of fear. Nipping should not be confused with biting. Nipping is when a rabbit uses its teeth to lightly graze you, this is a communication method that is meant to get your attention. If your rabbit is biting you then…

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