Image of rabbits and a thumbs up symbol. The caption reads "recommended rabbit products and reviews."

Below you will find different rabbit related products that I use and/or approve of. There are many products out there that are not safe or healthy for your rabbit, this is particularly true for pellets, treats and hay. After owning pet house rabbits for over twenty years I am confident that I know what is best for most buns!

Recommended Rabbit Products & Reviews

Rabbit Pellets

Image of rabbits and rabbit pellets

Here you will find the best pellets to feed your rabbit. I have tried numerous different brands and have been using these solely for many years now. I also include information on the best pellets for baby rabbits.

Best Hay

Image of a rabbit in jail with hay bales. The caption reads"he's out on bale."

Hay is most important food for your rabbit. It is critical that you find a hay that your rabbit will eat regularly and enjoy. I have a number of options listed here.

Food Management

Image of food management stuff for rabbits. The image is of a rabbit, water bottle, water bowl and hay feeder.

Here you will find my recommendations on water bottles, bowls, hay feeders and other “food management” products.

Housing & Cages

Image of rabbits near a cage. The caption reads housing for buns.

I do not cage my rabbits but I still have a cage, which is really a litter box. i do find it nice to have a cage where I can lock up my buns in case I have work being done in my house or something like that. I also list several different types of housing options.

Bedding, Litter & Litter Boxes

Image of a rabbit in a litter pan.

Litter is an important component to maintaining a healthy and clean cage/litter box. There are many litter options that are not safe. I also have some information on my prefered types of bedding.

Exercise Products

Image of rabbit exercising.

If you cage your rabbit for an extended period of time it is important that they get exercise. Here you will find exercise products that will encourage your rabbit to move more.

Rabbit Toys

Image of a rabbit with rabbit toys.

Every bun needs a few toys! See my recommendations for safe and fun toys for your rabbit to play with.