Image of rabbits, one rabbit is sleepy and has a ZZZ symbol above him. The caption reads "Rabbits and Sleep."

Rabbits have a unique sleep pattern and are considered to be crepuscular, not nocturnal. Rabbits will sometimes appear sleep with their eyes open, but in reality they have a clear eyelid closed over their eye. Rabbits also have dreams regularly.

Rabbits and Sleep

Having had pet rabbits for over twenty years I have learned a lot about the little critters. Have you wondered why your rabbit starts shaking in his or her sleep sometimes? Maybe what rabbits dream about? What a rabbits sleep cycle is like?

Are rabbits nocturnal?

No, rabbits are not nocturnal. Rabbits are “crepuscular” which means to be active in the evening and early morning. Evolution has taught rabbits that this is the safest time to be most active since predators…

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Do rabbits sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, rabbits can sleep with their “eyes open”, but they do not always. Rabbits have three eyelids, one being a nictitating membrane that is translucent. When rabbits are asleep this translucent eyelid is…

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Do rabbits dream?

Yes, rabbits dream regularly during deep sleep and will twitch, kick or grind their teeth while they are dreaming. Sometimes people think that their rabbit is having a medical problem but this behavior during sleep is completely normal for rabbits. Rabbits dream about…

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Do rabbits hibernate?

Rabbits do not hibernate at anytime of the year in the United States. During the winter rabbits survive by limiting their activity thus reducing calories expended. Limited food sources like tree bark, twigs, wood boring insects and any dried grass they can find provides calories to survive. Rabbits will always…

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Do rabbits sleep during the day or night?

The answer to this is neither! Learn about rabbits unique sleep patterns and what…

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Do rabbits sleep?

Yes, rabbits do sleep but have a different sleep pattern than people do. Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active at sunrise and sunset. Rabbits sleep the most during the late morning and afternoon for a total of about 8 hours a day. Many people assume that…

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