Image of a rabbit with a thermometer in his mouth. The caption reads "Rabbit Diseases and Sickness."

There are many diseases and illnesses that can harm your rabbit. Snuffles and cancer are the most common, and most serious illnesses that a rabbit can have. There are also a number of other minor issues rabbits can come down with.

Rabbit Diseases and Sickness

Having owned rabbits for over twenty years I have learned a good bit about rabbits and the illnesses that affect them. I have been lucky that I have not experienced personally had to deal with any of my rabbits getting sick or having snuffles. Proper diet and care will allow you to avoid having health issues with your rabbit.

Why is my rabbit sneezing?

There are many harmless reasons your rabbit may be sneezing including dusty litter or bedding, dander or loose fur around the nose. If your rabbit is sneezing regularly thought the day then then you need to see a veterinarian. Snuffles and other respiratory infections can cause your rabbit to sneeze frequently and need to be treat immediately.

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Snuffles in Rabbits

Snuffles is a dangerous upper respiratory infection that can a rabbit very quickly. If your rabbit is sneezing like crazy read this ASAP.