Image of a stethoscope, healthy food and a heartbeat. The caption reads "Rabbit health and wellness Information."

Rabbits may be a small pet but they do require a great amount of care to maintain their health and wellness. Diet, exercise, water and healthcare are all very important to maintaining your rabbits health and increasing how long they live.

Rabbit Health & Wellness

Below you will find all of my articles that relate to health and wellness topics. Please take note that I am not a veterinarian and this information is based from my own research and 20 plus years owning and caring for pet rabbits. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact me or leave a comment on the page.

How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live

Rabbits were not created to live a long time; they are prey animals and are meant to be consumed by predators. They have evolved over time to beat the system by being able to reproduce at an alarming rate. Pet rabbit on the other hand can live a very long time if properly cared for.


Image of a rabbit exercising.

Learn about how much exercise your rabbit needs, Walking your rabbit and rabbit harnesses or leashes. 

Disease & Sickness

Image of a sick rabbit.

Learn about rabbit health issues, what to do if you think your rabbit is sick, why your rabbit is sneezing and different illnesses.

Water & Hygiene

Information about Bowls vs Water Bottle, bathing your rabbit, spraying your rabbit and anything else water related.


Image of a rabbit and a medical symbol.

Everything you need to know about shots, going to the vet, fleas, furmites, weight maintenance, nail trimming and much more.


Image of a rabbit and food. The caption reads "Hungry rabbit."

Diet is vital to having a healthy rabbit. I have tons of information on everything from hay, pellets, vegetables, fruit and treats. Even Toxic foods!


Image of rabbits and behavior icons.

Ever wonder why your rabbit does something like thump, bite, kick, growl or binkey? Learn about sleep patterns and more here.