Image of rabbits doing different things. The caption reads "why does my rabbit do that."

Rabbits have many unique behaviors that may make you wonder “why does my rabbit do that.” Some of these behaviors include, nose bonks, thumping, binkies, bunny 500’s, chin rubbing or marking and ear position. All of these unique things that your rabbit does is a communication method that you can understand.

Why does my rabbit do that? Unique rabbit behavior explained

Having owned rabbits for over twenty years I think I have seen it all. Rabbits have some very strange behavior to say the least. The cool thing is that all of these behaviors can tell you what your rabbit wants, needs or is feeling.

Unique rabbit behavior: Articles and information

Why do rabbits thump?

Rabbits thump with one or both rear feet when they sense that something is wrong, there is danger nearby, or they are stressed. Sometimes rabbits will thump multiple times until the danger or perceived danger has passed. Another reason rabbits thump is to communicate disapproval with something like you cleaning their cage. If your rabbit is…

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