Image of rabbits with treats. The caption reads "Rabbit Treat Information."

Rabbit treats are great for rewarding good behavior and can help you train your rabbit. Commercially made, homemade and fruit can be used for rabbit treats. Be careful not to use any treats that contain nuts, seeds or added sugar as these types of treats are very unhealthy for your rabbit.

Rabbit Treat Information

There are a million types of rabbit treats that you can purchase online or in a pet store. The vast majority of these treats are extremely unhealthy for your rabbit and can cause health issues, particularly with their digestive system.

Best Rabbit Treats

There are many options for rabbit treats including fruit, commercially made treats and sweet vegetables like carrots. It is important to never use treats that contain sugar, nuts, or seeds since these are unbelievably bad for your rabbit’s health. Oxbow makes the best rabbit treats in my opinion, rabbits love them and they are not packed with junk. They are priced well and my current house rabbit goes nuts for them.

See my recommendation here and learn more.

Homemade Rabbit Treat Recipes

There are several recipes for homemade rabbit treats. I do not make my own rabbit treats but here is a list of resources I have found if you want to give it a shot.

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